Mosquitoes.....Now,how shall we discuss about one of the tiniest but also deadliest nuisance known as mosquitoes.Mosquitoes,they are literally everywhere in your life.They bother you in your home,parks,offices,etc.They attack you by biting you and don’t forget,only a few mosquito bites from a dengue infected mosquito is enough for you to get infected by this terrible disease known as Dengue.Don’t forget that mosquitoes can infect you with not only with dengue,but it can also affect you with other diseases like yellow fever,chikungunya,malaria and the recently discovered Zika...

So, if a mosquito is capable of affecting your health badly by giving such diseases,then what do you do about it?Pray that it will not bother you or use the age-old method of killing the mosquitoes by smashing it with your bare hands ....fine,but how many mosquitoes can you kill by this method?1,2 or maybe 5 or you can waste your precious time by smashing all the mosquitoes in your way.....right?And the answer is obviously a big NO.....

Thats why we at DIPONED are presenting you with our premium mosquito repellent product called as “UNICA MOSQUITO HERBAL REPELLENT” now you might be wondering.....great,another mosquito repellent...what is so special and different about it?Well,that’s why we are here to answer it...Unlike the other mosquito repellents available in the market which makes use of lots of chemical pesticides which are often sensitive to little kids,old people,pregnant women,etc and also polluting our environment,our mosquito repellent will not cause such dis-comforts or allergies to any human beings.It will only be harmful to the mosquitoes and not to human beings.The main reason is because our mosquito repellent is  prepared by a mixture of a very few harmless chemical components and lots of herbal methods consisting of herbal oils, tulsi, neem, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint,etc. instead of harmful pesticides.As a result,apart from killing the mosquitoes , it will also refresh and enhance your environment.In-short,our mosquito repellent is a unique mixture of chemical and botanical technology which apart from killing the mosquitoes,also enhances your environment. Some of the other benefits of using our mosquito repellent are :-

  • Friendly and no harmful effects to asthma patients,pregnant woman,kids as we do not use harmful chemical pesticides.
  • Stress reliever as we make use of herbal oils and natural ingredients like almond,eucalyptus,tulsi,neem,etc
  • Pleasant sleeping conditions due to the inclusion of the above natural ingredients.
  • Refreshes the mind and environment since there are no harmful pesticides in our mosquito repellent.
  • The cost of the product is also very reasonable.
  • Our mosquito repellent also soothes any Respiratory and Sleep Disorder problem .
  • Our product will also boost up your immune system due to the inclusion of the natural ingredients like tulsi,neem and other herbs.

Our product comes in 3 different aromas – as per your likings and needs.

Thus,we would like to conclude that due to the inclusion of the natural and herbal ingredients in our mosquito repellent,less cost and also without polluting our environment,our product is a MUST HAVE in your home,office,etc in order to get rid of all those deadly mosquitoes and thereby protecting the health of you and your loved ones.

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