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About DiponEd Biointelligence:

DiponEd BioIntelligence is a Predictive-, Preventive-, Participatory-, & Personalized- Medicine (P4M) company, offering Personalized and Personal care products and solutions. DiponEd’s mission is to offer cure and not treatment alone, through developing intelligent solutions for unmet healthcare needs.

DiponEd’s has developed several patent (filed) / proprietory Technology Platforms in – new cellular biologicals,  GFCs, MAbs, cellular & immuno therapies, Point of care (POC) stem cell transplantation and processing kits/ devices, 3D printed orthotics, prosthetics and surgical models, 3D tissue engineering. 

Under its Contract Research Services (CRS) division, DiponEd’s R&D team serves leading national institutions, biopharm companies, hospitals, clinical research organizations and universities across the world in areas of drug screening, drug over loads, durg dug internations, met IDs, proteomics, hepatotoxicity etc.

DiponEd’s current Personalized Medicine focus includes– genetic predispositions, mutation detection, cancer integarted therapies, pharmacogenomics based drug response tests, antiaging, stem cells transplantations in blood related disorders, biomaterials, ear auricular etc 3D reconstructions, orthotics, radiation and chemo protection and personalization, skin and hair treatments, infertility and other health care products.

We are also offering education and training to qualified physicians on cellular transplantations and tissue engineering etc. through DIRM, our education wing. We have started a Premium Family BioInsurance facility Celebrity Life, banking adults and Umbilical cord blood stem cells.

P4M- clinical support services

1. Personalised Immunotherapies/ vaccines –in Cancer, Allergy, Autoimmunity & Pain

2. Adult Cellular transplantations– Melanocytes/Keratinocytes/ Chondrocytes / Fibroblasts

3. Bone Marrow Stem cell transplantations– HSCT/ BMT and Haploidentical BMTs

4. Cosmetic corrections– with Adipose SVF and PRP / PRF/ PRFM/ PPP/ IRAP etc

5. Nano-Biomolecules–  for Regeneration, Fatigue and Antiaging

6. Adult Stem Cells– Autologus and Allogenic Transplantations in diseases/ disorders / trauma

7. Predictive /Prognostic systems–Genetic, Cellular and Molecular platforms for cancer etc.

8. Cancer immunotherapies

9. Point of care US FDA approved devices BMAC, PRP, PRFM, PPP, Blood viscometer and vein detectors etc.

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