Real cause of Hair Loss by Dr. Kaushik Deb

Real cause of Hair Loss by Dr. Kaushik Deb According to the recent research, the real reason for Hair Loss in individuals is because of the presence of PFOA found in Teflon, in their blood. Hairline International Research and Treatment Centre released a report on the effects of Teflon that contains Perfluroctanoic Acid (PFOA), on […]

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About unica

WHAT IS UNICA? A  100% herbal preparation that  repells mosquitoes/ midgets/ flys-both- the day and night dwellers Comes in 3 different aroma-as per individuals likings and needs. Maintains reduced/ germ free air in office/    home(room freshner)-tested. Boosts up the immune system. Sooths- Respiratory and Sleep Disorder. Refreshes the Mind/ Mood/ and the Environment CONTENTS: Nine […]

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